St. Petersburg


About us

LLC "Fuel Systems Engineering" was founded in 2007 for construction and building of refueling stations on water for fueling of small size vessels and water crafts. During working for other companies our specialists accumulated great experience in that sphere. Now we posses sufficient knowledge and powers to found a company that is able to develop refueling substructure on water.

We consider the main requirements for our projects to be:

  • simplicity of construction and exploitation
  • high quality and low price
  • maximum possible service and comfort for clients

Each year the number of water boats increases and the owner's demands for service and performance grow higher. Ecologists' and government's requirements for afloat business become stricter. Medium and small businesses connected with motor boats develop.

For solving those and other problems our company is willing to suggest Floating Fuel Station (FFS). The station affords to refuel yachts and motor boats of any class either pneumatical boat with outboard engine or ultramodern mega yacht. The FFS external view will be in harmony with any yacht-club's design.

Our floating fuel stations are exploitable nearly at all kinds of waters because of shallow draft and autonomy in use. From behind of new technologies our FFS can be used during winter time for refueling of snowmobiles.